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coming soon. 4th quarter 2020

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detailed information from September 2020

Hear what other see
Shooting system for blind and visual
impaired people for air weapons


The new aiming system VIASS Pro. Sports shooting for blind and visually impaired persons.
The sports shooting for blind and visually impaired people works with sound. The higher the tone you hear, the nearer you are aiming into the center of the target. With the new VIASS Pro system you can define up to four zones in the target. By that the shooter is able to recognize the center immediately.

VIASS Pro is now approved by IPC - VI shooting
IBSA - VI shooting

Shootingmaster - Windows

With the free Shootingmaster software you are able to practice without a bullet. With this program in combination with a VIASS Pro system you have a fully working electronic shooting range. All results are announced by a voice output and the trainer is able to track the motions of the shooter with the tracking function.

Config - VIASS Pro

With the VIESW software you can carry out all relevant settings for the VIASS Pro.

HRC - Competition at Home
Home Range Cup


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